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Web Scraping Tool or DaaS?- 3 reasons to choose DaaS

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DIY web scraping tool or DaaS? – This is a long debated topic. This blog post discusses why choose DaaS over web scraping tool.

Smart use of Web Data is fueling smart organizations in the 21st century. You need insights from web data to drive your business forward. The data is spread across hundreds of websites with varying complexity. 

There are two popular way to get web data, DIY web scraping tools and DaaS .

DIY web scraping tool – You can scrape a websites using a DIY web scraping tool without knowing how to code.

DaaS or Data As A Service – Data as a service vendors deliver data in a format of your choice in a subscription model.

At an enterprise level, you need to deal with huge volume of data and large number of websites. So, choosing the right data partner is critical.

Data as a Service won’t drain your pocket and resources

You need to use your people to operate the DIY web scraping tool. Scraping is just a part of the whole process, you need people for Q&A and maintenance. Web sites will change their pattern quite often and constant maintenance is a must. If you have a five-member team, you will end up spending close to $500K in salaries alone , assuming you are a silicon valley startup.

If you are using a Data as a service vendor, you don’t need an in-house team. You don’t need to smoke your head thinking about the complexities of data extraction. It is the responsibility of the vendor to deliver the data. The cost will be significantly less compared to an Inhouse team with a DIY web scraping tool.

DIY Web Scraping Tool will get outdated quite often

The web technology is constantly evolving. Generic DIY web scraping tools get outdated when websites change their pattern. DIY web scraping tools would require constant maintenance to stay updated with technology changes. It requires a lot of people to do so. Who is going to pay for it? It is you or their investors.  DIY web scraping tools are not a reliable solution For a large scale data acquisition​

Data as a Service offers Better flexibility

At an enterprise level, you will definitely need some flexibility in terms of customized solutions. A generic DIY scraping tool can’t offer customizations. This limitation can affect the quality of the data you are getting. There will be no guarantee of the quality of the data you are getting. Do you want to put yourself in trouble by choosing a DIY web scraping tools?

The bottom line is…

Your business needs a web data extraction partner you can trust. Due to various reasons stated above, a DIY web scraping tool is not a good choice. To maximize the ROI and cut risk, it’s better to have a Data as Service provider as your partner.

Thanks for reading this blog post. Datahut offers affordable data extraction services (DaaS) . If you need help with your web scraping projects let us know and we will be glad to help.




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I'm the Co-founder of Datahut. I've been helping companies solving their data extraction problems for the last six years. I'm a chess lover and an ardent fan of the lean startup. I write about Web Scraping, Online retail, Sales, Marketing Tips etc
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