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Data Scraping in Travel Industry: Here’s What you Need to Know

Data Scraping in Travel Industry: Here's What you Need to Know

This week, we’re talking about travel, and the travel industry in particular, because of many reasons. First of all, we all love to travel. Second, travel company ads have taken over all my screens. Moreover, there has been a massive shift in the way we think of travel and the travel industry at large. This …

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Pricing Strategy

How Popular Price Comparison Websites Grab Data?

price comparison cover

 A few years back, a typical online buyer looking to buy apparel or an electronic gadget would scour the web to compare prices from various e-commerce sites and look for the best deals available. Prices of the same commodity would vary vastly over different sites which in turn prompted sites to monitor price changes in …

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price comparison

How to Develop a Price Comparison Tool in Python

price comparison tool

Online shopping for various commodities is no more a luxury but has rather become a necessity now. Getting your desired product on your doorstep has made it easier for consumers to shop effortlessly. As a result, several niche e-commerce or generic shopping sites pop up every year. This trend is not limited to some specific …

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Pricing Strategy

How Competitive Price Intelligence can Determine your Profitability

pricing intelligence

You want to ace it, but so do they. You know your market, but so do they. You have a huge array of products to offer, but so do they. So how do you actually beat them at this game? The answer is Competitive price intelligence!! If you aren’t leveraging big data to your advantage, it’s …

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