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How And Why Use Web Data For Account Based Marketing

Successful B2B marketers are using Account Based Marketing (ABM) to generate demand and grow relationships within target accounts. Most B2B marketers would agree that account based marketing is must have in their marketing stack. If traditional marketing can be compared to fishing with big net, Account based marketing is like hunting sharks with laser sharp spears.
Account-based marketing  helps marketing team to have a stronger alignment with sales goals. This leads to better execution and  revenue outcomes for the company.
According to Forrester, web is the B2B buyers number one influencer source. That is the number one reason to use web data as a competitive edge to win deals in your account based marketing campaigns.
Gartner lists account based marketing as the hot trend for B2B marketers in their recent blogpost 
A primer on Account based Marketing
Account Based Marketing starts with building a targeted list of companies using  attributes like industry, employee size, Country, etc. Targeting the right people and right companies are really important for the success of an Account based marketing campaign. Once the targets are identified, the marketing team creates account-specific content and delivers them through the right channels.
According to Demandbase – A laser-focused, account-based  marketing campaign can lead to a  26% increase in deal size and 75% increase in deal close rate.
How and why smart companies use web data for ABM
Web is the largest database ever created. It has a lot of valuable information on companies and people and buying signals. The problem is that there is too much noise which can affect the quality of data. The data for building targeted lists for an Account based marketing campaign is available on websites like LinkedIn, Google, Angellist , Crunchbase etc. If the data can be extracted without noise, the result is nothing short of a treasure.
How a data extraction partner can help
Building and maintaining a complex data extraction system requires a lot of time, money and resources. That is where partnering with a data extraction companies like Datahut makes sense.
We built a massively scalable data extraction platform that delivers clean data. The data extraction happens silently in the background and you don’t need to bother building and maintaining a complex infrastructure. You can access data without any sweat using a simple API call or CSV/JSON import. No programming, Servers or Expensive softwares are required to access the data. Partnering with
The bottom line is -Success of an account based marketing campaign depends on the quality of the data. Never compromise on the quality. You can use web data to increase the impact of your targeting.
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