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How to Build a Web Crawler from Scratch

How to Build a Web Crawler from Scratch

How often have you wanted a piece of information and have turned to Google for a quick answer? Every piece of information that we need in our daily lives can be obtained from the internet. You can extract data from the web and use it to make the most effective business decisions. This makes web …

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Countering Human Trafficking Using Web Data Extraction

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Web data extraction is the sniper gun that every law enforcement agency should use to counter human trafficking. Read on to know why and how. So we are talking about Human Trafficking today. Laws have been administered, discussions have been scrutinized, gigantic versus have been told even pseudo actions draped in the disguise of “workable …

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How to improve your online distribution strategy using product data feeds


The internet has changed the way people buy and sell things. For brands, this is an opportunity and a problem at the same time. The biggest problem of any brand is getting their product in the hands of users. Websites like Amazon & Ebay helped solve this major distribution problem.  However, it created some other …

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How Xpath Plays Vital Role In Web Scraping Part 2


Here is a piece of content on  Xpaths which is the follow up of How Xpath Plays Vital Role In Web Scraping  Let’s dive into a real-world example of scraping amazon website for getting information about deals of the day. Deals of the day in amazon can be found at this URL. So navigate to …

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