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Data-Driven Marketing: How Marketers Lead in Today’s Data-Driven World


Our technological future is Automation and AI. We live in a world which is getting increasingly tech-savvy. Having an unlimited amount of data available at our disposal, we want instant results. The same goes for modern marketers and with the rapidly growing technology, their expectations are on a rise. 20 years back marketing was all about …

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Next Best Offer: Predicting Your Customer’s Wants Before They Do

How to Predict Your Customer's Wants Before They Do

Try to sell the same kind of soap to different people and you will fail miserably. Today’s market doesn’t work on the mass sell approach. The consumers are anyway frustrated with the generic offers they see on every platform. These lazy marketing techniques not only require a lot of investment but are low on impact …

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Retail Marketing Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Business Growth


What does it take for an online business to be an overnight success? Perfect timing? Yes A well thought out marketing strategy? Yes Connecting with your consumers? Yes. It takes it all that and then some.   With the digital landscape showing no pace of slowing down anytime soon, it spells doom for any brand who …

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Bootstrapping A Tech Startup – From A Big Data Startup to A Growth Stage Company

How We Bootstrapped Sales at Datahut Even Before Launching our Product

This past week Datahut was at Xime, handling a session at their startup event. Post session, we had a chance to interact with some startups and shared our journey about how Datahut bootstrapped to profitability with just the founders doing all the sales. Even though Datahut was formed by three co-founders, we had a lot …

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How to Build an Effective Retail Marketing Plan

Retail marketing plan

The retail industry today is a highly dynamic business, with brick and mortar store owners deserting their stores for e-tailers and fast-moving products. Owing to a plethora of e-commerce businesses in the market at current, retail is in a state of crisis. In such tumultuous times, a futuristic retail marketing tactic can send a business …

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4 Common Sales Mistakes Rookies Make – Startup Lessons


  Note: 4 common sales mistakes beginners make – is a write-up based on the mistakes I made and observed in my career as a sales guy. If you have any different opinion please share your thoughts as comments, I’d be more than happy to discuss. Here are the top four sales mistakes first times …

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4 ways to improve the overall sales productivity of your startup


Startup founders are super hard workers wearing multiple hats in their company. However, hyperactivity doesn’t always lead to conversions and revenue.  Achieving a higher Sales productivity is always the number one challenge for any startup. It is estimated that more than 50% of sales reps fail to achieve their annual sales  goal. Here are those four things …

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