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How And Why You Should Use Web Data For Account Based Marketing


Successful B2B marketers are using Account Based Marketing (ABM) to generate demand and grow relationships within target accounts. Most B2B marketers would agree that account based marketing is must have in their marketing stack. If traditional marketing can be compared to fishing with big net, Account based marketing is like hunting sharks with laser sharp spears. …

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4 ways to improve the overall sales productivity of your startup


Startup founders are super hard workers wearing multiple hats in their company. However, hyperactivity doesn’t always lead to conversions and revenue.  Achieving a higher Sales productivity is always the number one challenge for any startup. It is estimated that more than 50% of sales reps fail to achieve their annual sales  goal. Here are those four things …

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Email harvesting using web scraping is broken- here is how to fix it

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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate sales. Every successful marketing campaign is driven by a high-quality lead list. Marketers know how hard it is to build a quality email list. One of the common methods they use is free web scraping tools to scrape emails from a public source or …

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Best Alternative For Linkedin Data Scraping


When I started my career in sales, one of the things that my VP of sales told me is that ” In sales, assumptions are the mother of all f**k ups “. I know the F word sounds a bit inappropriate, but that is the exact word he used. He was trying to convey the …

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How real businesses use web scraping


I recently came across this question in Quora – How real businesses use web scraping? Since then I wanted to share some thoughts based on my learning experience at Datahut. These are a few examples of how our clients (at Datahut) are using web scraping for their business. Lead generation – Some of our clients …

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How to get high quality sales leads through web scraping ?


Leads are the lifeblood of every company. I’m sure you have heard your sales reps saying “I don’t have enough leads” or “The leads are not good”. Trust me, almost every CEO hears this from their sales department all the time. As a CEO/VP of sales, you should always have enough qualified leads to keep …

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