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Scrape amazon and price your product the right way – A use case


So you built a product that you want to sell through Amazon.   How do you price your product?     Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Millions of products are sold through amazon.  a lot of people make their living selling through Amazon. One of the biggest mistake people do in Amazon is …

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Tips for scraping business directories


Are you looking to scrape business directories to generate leads? Here are a few tips for scraping business directories. Web scraping is not rocket science. But there are good and bad and worst ways of doing it. Generating sales qualified leads is always a headache. The old school ways are to buy a list from …

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How to get high quality sales leads through web scraping ?


Leads are the lifeblood of every company. I’m sure you have heard your sales reps saying “I don’t have enough leads” or “The leads are not good”. Trust me, almost every CEO hears this from their sales department all the time. As a CEO/VP of sales, you should always have enough qualified leads to keep …

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