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I'm the Co-founder of Datahut. I've been helping companies solving their data extraction problems for the last six years. I'm a chess lover and an ardent fan of the lean startup. I write about Web Scraping, Online retail, Sales, Marketing Tips etc
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Datahut Partners With Freetext to Help Brands Improve Their Online Reputation and Sales

datahut partners freetext

Datahut, an enterprise-grade web data extraction platform and Freetext, a deep learning based text analysis platform, today announces a new strategic partnership to help brands improve their online reputation and sales. This partnership will combine Datahut’s data extraction capabilities with Freetext’s platform for mining deep meaningful insights from unstructured textual feedback data.  The collaboration between …

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How Web Scraping Can be used to Automate Dropshipping

How Web Scraping Can be used to Automate Dropshipping

Over the past two decades, the internet has evolved from a geek’s work to a common man’s daily functioning tool for pretty much everything. Widespread usage of the internet has not only simplified day to day functioning but has also opened new avenues of possibilities one couldn’t’ imagine before. One sector that’s been tremendously affected …

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Why Data Scraping is the Next Frontier in Battle for Investment Returns

scraping mail for investments

There is a reason why investment firms exalt the importance of data scraping. There was a time when a money manager would assess sales performances by dispatching a junior grunt to the local store. Today, it is possible that a hedge fund may monitor your emails for hints on how Amazon, the world’s largest online …

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Amazon Sellers – Three Tips to Boost Your Sales


Amazon is an amazing marketplace for sellers to sell their products. There are people making millions selling in Amazon and there are people making less than$1000 a month. We’re helping many of these millionaires with competitive intelligence from many different websites.  Here are the three tips we learned from them to boost the sales on …

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Global Retail Trends Set to Dominate 2017

Global Retail Trends Set to Dominate 2017

In today’s retail environment, in order to thrive, retailers need to respond and adapt to new strategies. The past decade has witnessed an enormous growth in various retail trends. A hassle free customized shopping experience is now possible today thanks to the adoption of technological innovation in e commerce. To keep pace with the ever transient …

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How Data is Driving Disruptive Innovation in Online Retail

Data-driven Disruption in retail

With the influx of predictive analysis and artificial intelligence in retail, data driven insights have enabled corporations to take far-sighted decisions, thus giving them a strong footing amongst the changing trends. There is not a single industry that has not been affected by this huge change in research trend. E-commerce, transportation, and travel were completely different industries …

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How Restaurant Analytics Can Fuel Your Business Growth

restaurant analysis

In the culinary world, food is not simply a means of sustenance. It’s passion, flavor, madness, and love all mixed into one. From a specific technique a cook uses to the way how food is presented on the table, everything counts, pushing the experience of eating a notch higher. We pay so much heed to the …

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How AI is Driving Dynamic Pricing in Online Retail


There is no denying the fact that AI is finding its way into every aspect of modern living. From cars to healthcare to our homes, AI is progressively getting embedded into our technological functioning. AI in retail is an emerging trend today, with retailers now moving to predictive commerce. With AI on its backbone, retailers are …

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