What Does a Tech Company Expect From a Fresh Engineering Graduate


Building the right team is one of the most challenging tasks of running a company. One weak member can cause havoc and leave behind a trail of damages in his wake. Recent studies show that majority of engineering graduates are not employable. This indicates that fresh grads have no idea about what a company expects …

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Product Assortment For Retailers In Layman’s Terms

product-assortment2 (1)

Product assortment is a topic that a lot of retailers don’t pay attention to. Here is a blog post that explains why it is relevant and how you can get it. The constant question that sticks in the mind of a retailer is that “how to determine the product to offer for sale?” The idea …

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Web Scraping For Non-Programmers In Layman’s Terms


Web scraping is a powerful technology that can accelerate your business growth. However, people without a tech background are struggling to understand what web scraping really is and how they benefit from it. Here is a blog on Web Scraping For Non-Programmers In Layman’s Terms. Let’s understand the web Web pages are built using text-based markup …

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Boost Your Online Retail Marketing ROI Through Competitive Intelligence


Who doesn’t love to play detective? The thrill of sneaking around in the enemy territory and getting what you need right under the enemy’s nose; there is a certain fun to it, isn’t it? Although it might be a little late to join secret services, spying on your competitor might not be the worst idea …

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Free Web Scraping And Free Web Crawling Is A Myth My Friend- Period!

free web scraping

You must have come across free web scraping tools or browser plugins. Have you ever thought how they are managing to give you these free web scraping tools for free when they have costs in developing, maintaining and running these things? Pricing is one of the most common objections you’ll hear from a potential buyer. People …

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How to Build A Basic Price Comparison Website – Beginners Guide


Buyers are searching for products and reviews online before making a purchasing decision. There are millions of products and hundreds of websites to choose from and influencing a shopping decision is very tough for e-commerce companies. No person will go to every site and compare products to identify the best fit. There got to be …

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How to improve your online distribution strategy using product data feeds


The internet has changed the way people buy and sell things. For brands, this is an opportunity and a problem at the same time. The biggest problem of any brand is getting their product in the hands of users. Websites like Amazon & Ebay helped solve this major distribution problem.  However, it created some other …

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Microsoft’s Billion Dollar Acquisitions -Here Is A Statistics


Microsoft yesterday announced the acquisition of Linkedin for a massive $26.2 B in an all-cash deal. Since Microsoft’s first acquisition in 1987, it has purchased an average of six companies a year. The first billion dollar acquisition was in 2000 when it acquired Visio Corporation. Microsoft acquired a total of 9 companies for more than …

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3 Myths Around Enterprise Python Proven Wrong

Python Scales well

This blog post is to prove the myths around Enterprise Python wrong. There is a hot debate going on in the tech world about choosing the right technology stack for large-scale projects. Java has a reputation for being the first choice for implementing the backend of large scale projects. Times have changed, and companies need to push the product …

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