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How To Understand The Pricing Logic Of A Web Data Extraction Project


Let’s me explain you – how a typical web scraping project looks like.

Jim has an exciting  product idea and web data extraction is the key component of it. He wants to build an MVP to test his idea. Jim contacted different web scraping service providers. When it comes to pricing different vendors quote differently and Jim is confused. He simply doesn’t understand the cost drivers.

I know there are many people like Jim and I wanted to write a blog post to help them understand the major cost drivers for a web scraping project.

The complexity of website – Web sites have a different structure. Ease of scraping depends on this structure. More complexity means more effort and expense.

Technology – Vendors might use open source technology like Scrapy or a proprietary technology. One of the biggest drawbacks of proprietary technology is the High cost. Since the vendors sell their technology to make a living, they charge you for access to their technology. Open-source software is generally cheaper and sometimes available for use at no cost. Open source scraping technologies like Scrapy is a good example.

The volume of data – There are physical costs of running the server infrastructure depending on how large the data set is. Scheduling and maintenance of web scrapers are a real pain when you scale. You need special infrastructure setups to handle the huge volume of data.

Frequency – The frequency of Data delivery is also a factor that contributes to the pricing. The cost increases as the frequency increases.

Anti-scraping mechanisms – Some sites implement anti-scraping mechanisms to block bots. There are many ways to evade anti-scraping. The most common solution is to use services like IP rotators or Anonymous networks which are very costly.

I hope you understood the pricing logic of a web data extraction project. Did you?

Please comment below if you have questions or suggestions.

Thanks for reading this blog post. Datahut offers affordable data extraction services (DaaS) . If you need help with your web scraping projects let us know and we will be glad to help.

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