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How to get early customers for your startup


  If you’re starting a company, chances are there were you build a product and then try to acquire customers. According to Marc Andreessen of VC firm Andreessen-Horowitz, Many entrepreneurs who build great products simply don’t have a good distribution strategy. The number of early adopters is a key metric investor consider while funding an …

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Tips for scraping business directories


Are you looking to scrape business directories to generate leads? Here are a few tips for scraping business directories. Web scraping is not rocket science. But there are good and bad and worst ways of doing it. Generating sales qualified leads is always a headache. The old school ways are to buy a list from …

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Best Alternative For Linkedin Data Scraping


When I started my career in sales, one of the things that my VP of sales told me is that ” In sales, assumptions are the mother of all f**k ups “. I know the F word sounds a bit inappropriate, but that is the exact word he used. He was trying to convey the …

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Job scraping – This is how HR Industry leverages web scraping for better results

Human resources

The HR industry is undergoing big transformations. The core problem it solves, recruitment process still remains a problem. It is always difficult find quality people that is a perfect fit for the job. The advancements in technology figured out ways to solve this problem.Web scraping most certainly is one of the technologies that HR industry …

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Launching the startup partner program


The idea of web data creating business value is not new. However, ready to use data it isn’t easily accessible to startups due to the high cost involved. We understand this problem as we are also a startup. In the last six months, we’ve helped startups building minimum viable products by giving them access to …

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Learn from mistakes and keep pushing forward – Startup lessons


Happy to announce that Datahut has now customers from six out of seven continents. However, we couldn’t get anyone from Antarctica as Penguins are not a big fan of our work. 🙂 We’ve written a six-month road map when we started the operations of Datahut. The team jointly set the goals and every team member …

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Are you an Aspiring Data Scientist ?Here is how to start


The success and failure of a company depend on the decisions it takes on key issues. Decisions are not always perfect, However, the accuracy of decisions can be improved if there is enough data on the situation under consideration. Data scientists help companies take data-driven decisions.They require multiple skill sets to be an expert in …

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How to get high quality sales leads through web scraping ?


Leads are the lifeblood of every company. I’m sure you have heard your sales reps saying “I don’t have enough leads” or “The leads are not good”. Trust me, almost every CEO hears this from their sales department all the time. As a CEO/VP of sales, you should always have enough qualified leads to keep …

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