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Hiring a Data Scientist: Decoding the Ambiguities

Hiring a Data Scientist: Decoding the Ambiguities

Data Sciences is an upcoming sector that has reformed a lot of economic and industrial scenarios. The concept can plug into any industrial sector, enterprise or organization to solve real-world problems using data. Since, the industry is relatively nascent, hiring data scientists is not yet a conventional recruitment procedure. While the position of Java programmers and …

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How AI is Driving Dynamic Pricing in Online Retail


There is no denying the fact that AI is finding its way into every aspect of modern living. From cars to healthcare to our homes, AI is progressively getting embedded into our technological functioning. AI in retail is an emerging trend today, with retailers now moving to predictive commerce. With AI on its backbone, retailers are …

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How Predictive Analytics is Transforming the Retail Industry

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Remember that time when you were browsing through a blog online and that beautiful dress you have been coveting for months suddenly popped up in one of the corners of the screen? How could you possibility resist? You just had to purchase it! ‘What a coincidence!’, you would wonder. It’s actually smart business. Predictive analytics, …

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Countering Human Trafficking Using Web Data Extraction

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Web data extraction is the sniper gun that every law enforcement agency should use to counter human trafficking. Read on to know why and how. So we are talking about Human Trafficking today. Laws have been administered, discussions have been scrutinized, gigantic versus have been told even pseudo actions draped in the disguise of “workable …

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Free Web Scraping And Free Web Crawling Is A Myth My Friend- Period!

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You must have come across free web scraping tools or browser plugins. Have you ever thought how they are managing to give you these free web scraping tools for free when they have costs in developing, maintaining and running these things? Pricing is one of the most common objections you’ll hear from a potential buyer. People …

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How And Why You Should Use Web Data For Account Based Marketing


Successful B2B marketers are using Account Based Marketing (ABM) to generate demand and grow relationships within target accounts. Most B2B marketers would agree that account based marketing is must have in their marketing stack. If traditional marketing can be compared to fishing with big net, Account based marketing is like hunting sharks with laser sharp spears. …

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3 Myths Around Enterprise Python Proven Wrong

Python Scales well

This blog post is to prove the myths around Enterprise Python wrong. There is a hot debate going on in the tech world about choosing the right technology stack for large-scale projects. Java has a reputation for being the first choice for implementing the backend of large scale projects. Times have changed, and companies need to push the product …

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Thoughts on Kimono labs acquisition and shutting down


Kimono labs, free web scraping tool used by 125k developers, data scientists and businesses got acquired by Palantir. According to a message on their website, they won’t continue providing the publicly available cloud hosted kimono product. They are going to shut down the service by 2/29/2016.   What does it mean to developers and businesses …

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Are you an Aspiring Data Scientist ?Here is how to start


The success and failure of a company depend on the decisions it takes on key issues. Decisions are not always perfect, However, the accuracy of decisions can be improved if there is enough data on the situation under consideration. Data scientists help companies take data-driven decisions.They require multiple skill sets to be an expert in …

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